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From A Desperate Stowaway to Canada Luxury
Custom Home Builder and Philantropist

Vasile Caniuca is bringing the clean lines and angled roofing of Romanian modern architecture to an enclave of west end London homes

Vasile Caniuca describes himself as a dreamer. But he is not the kind of wishful thinker who spends his days with his head in the clouds. Caniuca used his dreams to power him through seemingly impossible times. He has worked his way from a hardscrabble existence in a small Romanian town on the Ukrainian border to successful entrepreneur in London.

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Romanian native Vasile Caniuca, who built this years two Dream Lottery home prizes, wants to 'change the lives of others?

Vasile Caniuca, Millstone Homes, believes living in Canada is like winning the lottery. Born in Romania, he has lived in eight countries and considers Canada home now. Conditions were so bad, they nearly died.

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Lottery features luxury homes

For his first contribution to London’s Dream Lottery, Vasile Caniuca, owner of Millstone Homes, desired to create something special. “I wanted to give back to my community, and this is my way of doing that,” says Caniuca. Born in Romania, he appreciates the lifestyle offered in Canada and his adopted city, London. So he set out to build the “best dream homes ever and these are a real dream!”

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Dream Lottery home akin to living in an art gallery

Picture this – your dream home on a street of dreams. A winning ticket in Dream Lottery supporting London’s hospitals could put you in that picture. One of the houses could even place you in an art gallery-like atmosphere.

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