Vasile Caniuca

From A Desperate Stowaway to Canada Luxury
Custom Home Builder and Philantropist

A Dreamer

Vasile was born and raised in a mountainous region in Northern Romania. Toughened by hardships of life in a rugged landscape, his eyes were drawn upwards by the mountains to searching something greater, something beyond and greater than himself. He was, and he is a dreamer!

His dream of a better life took him on an epic journey through war-tone Yugoslavia, on foot across treacherous mountains to a precarious existence as an illegal laborer in Greece, and ultimately on a near-tragic voyage across the Atlantic with a company stowaways in a cargo shipping container to Canada. Somewhere in dangers and privations, he came to a God who was interested and intimately in his wellbeing, who, in His love and grace, had His hand on his life.  

My Success

As a refuge in Canada, gratitude, hard work, and unshakeable faith in God helped Vasile to make a life. He now owns one of the top construction company in Canada-Millstone Homes of London a custom home builder. Vasile takes great pride in the beautiful homes he builds, but his success has not spoilt his simple faith nor his heart for those who struggle, as he did. He continues to be involved in lots of charity work around the world- Africa, Eastern Europe, and Canada. Millstone Homes of London  

Vasile lives in London with his beautiful wife, Helen, and their son Zane.