Grinding of
The Millstone

Based on the Life Story of Vasile Caniuca.
From A Desperate Stowaway to Canada Luxury Custom Home Builder and Philantropist
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The Most Inspiring Book
You Will Come Across!

A Tale of a Pursuit of a Seemingly Far Fetched Dream;
the Power of Hope, Unshakeable Faith in God.
Grinding of The Millstone is A Real-Life Portrayal of God's Faithfulness and Grace and Defiant Power of The Human Spirit.

Valise’s life story is a reminder to us all that it doesn’t matter what situation you find yourselves in you need to know and internalize the fact that you have what it takes to rise above any circumstance. That you can withstand and silence the overwhelming noises from the attention craving monster of your yesterday's adversities and failures that are always demanding for your undivided attention. Grinding of The Millstone should remind the reader the power of faith, focus, and the resiliency of a human spirit; and the crucial importance of shifting one's attention from seeing themselves as casualties of their past blunders, absurdities, and threats towards their true-self, worth, and personal resourcefulness.

I hope that this book will remind you of the fact that the defining factor in your life’s journey is resourcefulness not resources; and that you are resource-full beyond imagination!
Vasile Caniuca